All I want to do is go on road trips and have sex.
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Wall Piece with 200 Letters (Kiasma)From the movie “Ansiktet” by Ingmar Bergman (1958)MIKKO KUORINKI
You can ask the universe for all the signs you want, but ultimately, we see what we want to see when we’re ready to see it.
— Unknown 

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I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted.
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As an atheist, I see nothing “wrong” in believing in a God. I don’t think there is a God, but belief in him does no harm. If it helps you in any way, then that’s fine with me. It’s when belief starts infringing on other people’s rights when it worries me. I would never deny your right to believe in a God. I would just rather you didn’t kill people who believe in a different God, say. Or stone someone to death because your rulebook says their sexuality is immoral. It’s strange that anyone who believes that an all-powerful all-knowing, omniscient power responsible for everything that happens, would also want to judge and punish people for what they are.
— Ricky Gervaism, Why I’m an Atheist 

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New Journal and Books.
I’m concentrating on staying healthy, having peace, being happy, remembering what is important, taking in nature and animals, spending time reading, trying to understand the universe, where science and the spiritual meet.
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